Image Consultants

As an image professional, you’ve had your training, perhaps years of experience, and are confident in your ability to be of service to your clients. But when it comes to marketing your services, do you have the

If you dread creating the marketing materials for your business, I’m here to help. Prior to becoming an image consultant, I worked for most of my business life in marketing and advertising, and I loved it. I still do. As an adjunct to my image consulting business, I’ve been helping other image consultants with their marketing materials over the past several years and I’m ready to help you with whatever you envision for your business.

Examples to Spark your Imagination

*Postcards for mailing to clients and potential clients, or to use as ‘leave-behinds’ at your hair salon, dry cleaners or at networking events

*Notecards and thank-you cards

*Monthly newsletter

*Fashionista calendars

*Social media management


What do you need to promote your business and take it to the next level? Call or email me and we’ll put something together to get rid of those “Coulda…Woulda…Shouda’s.”

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