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I love all the different ways women store their jewelry. With just a little thought, and some ingenuity, you can display your jewelry in a way that will be most useful for you. Some people like it all out in the open so they can see what they’ve got;  I’m personally a big fan of ‘if you can see it, you’ll wear it.’ Others prefer to have everything tucked away out of sight, but organized so that they can find exactly what they’ll need at a moments notice.

Recently I came across two different examples of jewelry storage that might inspire you:

*This is a photo I took of a recent House Beautiful article, showing jewelry stored out in the open on glass door knobs that had been mounted on the wall. It’s a genius idea because it’s so very simple and inexpensive. The jewelry on the wall becomes a work of art. I think if I looked at that every day I’d be inspired to always pop on a colorful necklace, which of course is the whole idea behind the open display. Do you have wall space to create your own display? You might want to lay your jewelry out on the floor or on the bed to get the design you want before putting up the knobs, but it can be a pretty free-form display as well. Even if you don’t wear brightly colored necklaces such as these, you can still create a striking  display with all gold or silver necklaces, or even a mixed-metal display. Let your imagination loose to create a look that inspires you.

*The second example I came across this week was in a blog post written by a friend and colleague, Brenda Kinsel, where she shared her unique storage solution for her jewelry. You can read it for yourself here, but in essence she repurposed an antique storage cabinet to store her jewelry, using cute boxes, trays and cups (yes, cups!) to segment her jewelry in a way that was most useful to her.

Brenda’s unique jewelry storage solution


Check out this adorable ring storage idea!

There’s no limit to storage solutions if you use your imagination. Are you a fan of open jewelry storage or of having your things tucked away? I’d love to hear your ideas!

Thanks for reading – stay stylish!


Adena DiTonno

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