“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” Rachel Zoe

Services Offered


If this resonates with you, please read on… I can help! All of my client consultations are personalized, depending on your specific needs.


As we move through the inevitable transitions of life, we sometimes get stuck in a fashion-rut. If you’re having difficulty figuring out just “who” you are these days, style-wise, we’ll do an analysis that will help you more closely define your style personality. Then we’ll do a closet audit (see below) so we can help you dress for who you are today, not who you used to be.


We’ll go through your closet and determine which items are working well for you and which ones aren’t, for whatever reason. Then we’ll figure out what items are missing that can help you have a stronger working wardrobe. We’ll put together some outfits for you so you can immediately feel a sense of accomplishment and confidence. This is a process and, depending on your personal needs and budget, may require a few visits to accomplish. We’ll talk through all of this before we begin, so that we can do what we need to do within your budget.


Some people love to shop and some just hate it! Either way, I can help you find those items that are missing – those “wardrobe gaps” that are keeping you from utilizing all of your clothes. Or maybe you’d like help updating your wardrobe seasonally, or perhaps you have a special occasion that you need an outfit for. I can help with any or all of your personal shopping needs.


Whether you like packing in one carry-on suitcase, or traveling with a larger selection of your wardrobe, I can help you pull together the items you’ll need for your itinerary, so that you’ll arrive at your destination confident that you have everything you need.


I’m happy to speak to your organization about personal style, wardrobe organization, use of accessories, or … what would you like? Maybe you’d like to host a small ‘girl’s night in’ where we can talk about style and wardrobe concerns in a more intimate setting. I’ll work with you to put together something special that will meet your needs.



“Adena has been a godsend to me. Her style of fashion is impeccable. With her guidance and expertise she has helped me to coordinate different pieces so that I have a very eclectic wardrobe. Some outfits are classic and timeless, some are more contemporary. I appreciate that she will kindly tell me if an outfit (or piece of clothing) isn’t flattering or becoming on me. She also has a knack for pairing jewelry and accessories so that you can have multiple looks with a quick change of a belt, scarf or a pretty necklace.

I would highly recommend Adena if you want a fashion consultant to help you find that special outfit that you will feel good wearing.”

— Betsey

“Adena has a great ability to make shopping a fun and personal experience. She knows your style and what would look best on you and steers you to those items. She always represents cutting edge designers and keeps up with the latest trends.

I always enjoy reading her e-newsletter for succinct fashion trend analysis and great seasonal tips! Adena has a great sense of humor and a wonderful personal touch, but is impeccably professional at the same time. She knows fashion and will definitely help you look more stylish!”

— Kathleen

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