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I’ll bet you’ve got a ton of ‘to-do’ lists, especially this time of year. As someone who is a list Master (mostly because I can’t seem to remember exactly what it is that I need at the grocery on any given day), I’ve found they are a key component of my life. Besides grocery lists, I’ve got lists for:

  • books I want to read
  • gift ideas for various people
  • daily priorities
  • business & personal goals
  • gifts given in any particular year to friends and family
  • new or recommended shows to watch

…and on and on. Of course, I always have a list of items that I take with me when I go clothes shopping. These might be pieces I need to complete an outfit, or an item that needs replacing in my wardrobe because it’s best days are behind it, or maybe just a new trend I want to take a look at.

Recently I came across an idea, however, that I feel I must share with you. It’s the concept of the ‘ta-da!’ list. I get a lot of great inspirations from blogs I listen to when I’m in the car – in particular lately is the Happier podcast, with Gretchen Rubin. Gretchen Rubin started her career in law, clerking for Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor. She’s gone on to write a number of books, most recently, books dealing with happiness and habits. I love listening to the Happier podcast that she does with her sister, and it was in one of those episodes that they discussed the concept of the ‘ta-da’ list. I think it’s brilliant.

First of all, the to-do list is a little bit of a nag, isn’t it? It’s the list of things we have yet to, a reminder that we’ve got all of this stuff to accomplish.  Yes, the to-do list helps keep us on track and is (they say) invaluable for helping us internalize and achieve long-term goals.  But I love the idea of actually celebrating things we have already accomplished too! The ‘Ta-Da!’ list!

Did you lose 5 pounds of your larger goal? Ta-da!
Did you clean out a section of your closet? Ta-da!
Did you make your guest room guest-ready? Ta-da!
Did you read a new book this week? Ta-da!

My favorite Ta-da list is my ‘Books read’ list for the year. I realized that I had stopped reading for pleasure and I really missed it. So I made a concerted effort (and set aside the time) to read a little, if not every day, then every week. I set a rather ambitious goal of 52 books in 2017 (my to-do list).  It truly gives me pleasure to add to and look at my Books Read Ta-Da list and see that I’ve read 32 books already this year. No – I won’t make it to 52 books but boy am I happy that I read as many as I did!

So I ask you – why not start a Ta-Da list of your own? Write down the things you accomplish as they happen and then look at it throughout the year to give yourself a little boost, a personal pat on the back? We can all use a little Ta-Da in our lives!

Thanks for reading!


Adena DiTonno

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  • Adrienne

    Hi Adena,

    I love this! I also make lists – I do one every day as well as a bigger one each week. I really don’t like looking at it at the end of the day and see it’s still not time to cross it off, despite working on it for a long time. I like the Ta Da concept so I can say “ta da, I finished 3/4ths of my project” rather than leaving there for the next day.
    I’ve been looking for a new podcast – will check out Gretchen’s. Thank you for these great ideas!

    • Adena DiTonno

      Thanks so much Adrienne (and sorry for my slow reply!) I think you’ll really enjoy the podcast too. Let me know!

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